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What a wonderful and excellent lawyer.

I hired Mr. Joshua S. Stevens, for my mother he was absolutely amazing and great at what he does.she was facing criminal charges he was fantastic, evening when smoothly and her case was dismissed thanks to him!!! I would definitely recommend him and would hire him again.

– Ellina. A     

This is what you want

Josh is exactly what everybody look for in a attorney he understood me and showed me how the process will go.Having Josh as my attorney was the best decision I’ve made. he was professional and extremely knowledgeable. Josh made the process very comfortable which allowed me to trust that he would get the job done. I was kept informed throughout the entire process and always clarified any questions If you’re in need of his services, I would 100% recommend Josh as your attorney.

– Ammar     

Best attorney in NYC

Mr Stevens fought long and hard for me to beat out a possession case that was pretty serious. As a recovering addict I don’t mind speaking freely about it now. I was caught with a lot of heroin and Xanax in NYC on October of 2014. Josh took the case on and worked with me financially from then get go. It was obvious he had experience in this area and he was genuinely worried about my criminal record. Over the course of the case he never lost optimism even when I did at times because of how slow things seemed to be moving. All in all he was able to be me off with a disorderly conduct violation and a small fine to pay!!!! Pretty awesome. He is knowladgable and obviously has some experience with the DA’ s office. If you run into trouble or need help in the N.Y. area turn to this guy. He’s no nonsense and just a decent human being who’s looking for the best outcome for his clients.

– Patrick L.     

Professional and Affordable

I came to Josh after looking up several other law firms who seemed to charge an absorbent amount of money for what seemed like a pretty straight forward case. Josh attended every court date and was able to put me at ease about my case as he explained the court proceedings and likely outcomes as they unfolded. He fought and got me a lesser charge without trying to “hustle” me out of more money. Very personable and friendly guy. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

– Anonymous     

Good experience

Josh was the attorney who did a lot of the ground work when I hired John Carney to resolve a shoplifting case against my niece. Most of the communication happened with John. My niece was accused of shoplifting while visiting NY/USA 3 yrs. back. She had left the case unattended. This became an issue last year when she applied for a student visa to come to US for higher studies. John and Josh were able to get her a 6 month ACD. Not perfect — the pending dismissal probably contributed to the denial of her visa — but given that the case had been left unattended for 2 years, and had to be resolved in her absence, it was a pretty satisfactory resolution. After the passage of 6 months I contacted Josh to get a new COD confirming that the case had been formally dismissed. Josh was very responsive and courteous, and quick to get me copies of the COD. His charge was quite reasonable — I was very pleased.

– Anonymous     

Amazing attorney – true professional and a gentleman

Joshua Stevens was a miracle worker for my husbands case. I attempted to contact multiple lawyers through Avvo at such a late hour and he was the only one to pick up the phone. From the moment I first spoke with him after my husbands initial arrest (which was after 11pm at night), he put the motions in work; making all necessary phone calls- starting from the precinct, to the courts and then back to myself to relay the information. He was contactable all through the night to assure my worries.
First thing the next morning I met him bright and early at the criminal court. We briefly discussed logistics and then Joshua had my husband free within a half hour.

For the next couple of months I could tell by his initiative in following up with us when we were slack on our end, that he genuinely cared about our predicament. He was prudent in his work and prepared my husband in order to present him in the best possible light leading up to our next court appearance. He talked us through every part of the process in laments terms both via phone calls, texts, emails and in person at his office in Manhattan. He gave us multiple options he had negotiated with the ADA (assistant district attorney in charge of prosecuting my husbands case) which we could chose from. Together we weighed each option in great detail before making our decision.
Whilst there was so much work put into my husbands case that I am sure we were unaware of, I could tell that Joshua had a solid understanding of our situation, a friendly relationship with the ADA, and yet completely solid intentions to keep my husband and myself free from any dire straits.

The morning of my husbands arraignment date, we were relieved to find Joshua had been at the courts long beforehand, talking with both the ADA and the city’s correctional officers to discuss my husbands case and later placement.
From what initially was a felony arrest (felony possession with a sale), my husband now has nothing more than a misdemeanor (disorderly conduct) on his record. Rather than choosing a lengthy drug rehabilitation program, we opted for a short prison sentence, which thanks to Joshua and his clever strategizing, ended up only being less than forty eight hours of incarceration.

Mr Stevens is an outstanding attorney who cares fully about his clients and their loved ones. I cannot recommend him enough.
Whilst I hope a similar situation never comes to fruition, he will of course be the first person I call for any and/or all future issues.

Joshua- Thank You!

– Julia     


Dealing with legal troubles is a stressful experience. I can’t imagine going through the last eight months without Josh’s support. He was able to get my charges reduced from a misdemeanor DUI to a traffic violation. I was able to keep my drivers license (and my job). Josh took it upon himself to go far beyond what I could’ve expected. He is service oriented, friendly and very professional. I felt fortunate at the outcome of my case. If you need a legal advocate, hire Josh Stevens. He will give you the best possible chance for a positive result.

– Phillip     

saved me again

This is the second time Josh helped me out. Both times he got my charges dismissed. The first was marijuana possession and the second was assault. He also came to bail me out on short notice. He’s very professional and explains everything for those who aren’t familiar with the judicial system. I can’t think of anything else you could want in a lawyer.

– a client     

The lawyer you want in your corner!

Josh Stevens went above and beyond for me and I am truly grateful. I was facing a legal issue that would leave me a criminal record. I work abroad and I need to have a clean record for my work clearance. He was able to make a plea with the D.A. and got me only a violation. I have never once been in trouble with the law. The intricate details of the whole legal system were truly foreign to me. If the court was like a symphony, Josh was Mozart. He was the conductor walking me through every step of the way. Even while I was back at work outside of United States, we would communicate via email or Face Time. Jos was professional, helpful and to the point throughout the whole ordeal. He has the experience, knowledge and determination to fight for the best deal possible. Josh is the lawyer you want in your corner. I would hire him again if needed.

– Anonymous     

Great Lawyer

I was facing a DUI for weed and that would leave me with a criminal record. I wanted to avoid getting a criminal record at all costs and I did not want to take any classes or have my license suspended. Josh Stevens did a great job of making a plea with the D.A. And got me a disorderly conduct with 3 days of community service done privately where I live in Nj. Josh is always there at court and reminds you the day before to let you know to go to court. I’m happy for Josh to get me a violation that would not stay on my record, and for giving me a reasonable price to defend me. I would hire again (if ever needed)

– Amir     

Hard core, excellent, to the point, always has your back.. #1

I’m not excited as to why I had to meet Joshua, but I’m grateful that I did meet him. He always answered my calls. He was always on time and always there. He fought for me the entire time. He defended me even harder when things looked bad. I was first offered 5 to 8 years and Jushua got me time served from when I was arrested and no probation. There is not enough space for me too write about his attitude and his fought for his clients. This is your guy.

– Lamel     

Great Lawyer

Josh Stevens is a very down to earth, relatable lawyer. He is available when you need him. He was able to change the date of my court appointment and I ended up getting an ACD. He knows what he is doing and will help you get the best possible decision available.

– Anonymous     

Outstanding and Trustworthy Lawyer! Highly Recommended!

I hired Josh to help me resolve two warrants I had from over 10 years ago. I had been putting it off for years because I was nervous about it, but I realized it was finally time for me to face the music. I must say I am so glad that I was able to have Josh by my side for this case. Not only was Josh able to get the best possible outcome for me in regards to both warrants in two different courts (Manhattan and Brooklyn) with aplomb, he also made me feel at ease, guiding me through the process with patience. He was very accessible via phone calls and texts and always answered my questions promptly, which is a huge plus. He is also a very capable lawyer; it was obvious that he is well-versed in his area of specialty and the workings of the court system. Considering his knowledge and experience, his fees are exceptionally reasonable and affordable by many, especially in New York City where even mediocre lawyers feel justified in charging an arm and a leg when they have much less to offer than Josh does. All in all I would not hesitate one bit about hiring him again should I run into any legal troubles in the future, and I would recommend him with confidence to anyone who needs an excellent criminal lawyer.

– Paul     

Best choice when In need of a lawyer

Great Lawyer! I was charged with two felonies, and thanks to Josh I walked away with an ACD. Which means in 6 months my record will be clean. Great price too.

– Anonymous     

Josh is reliable and gets job done

I hired Josh to handle a legal issue. He helped me organize and send in all my legal documents. Everything was approved and in an expedited manner, Very easy to talk to. Always responds to texts and calls. I will use him again to form an LLC.

– Eric     

Outstanding!!! Inexpensive, Very Professional!!! Absolutely Cleared, NO RECORD!!!

Marijuana Charge…. Great lawyer!! We met a few times… The price was very reasonable especially compared to other attorneys…. Met at the courthouse the morning of… He worked something out with the DA… Sat in the courtroom for about 30mins, I was in and out, walked away like it never happened…. Outstanding!!!!

– Anonymous     


Any lawyer can sail a ship on smooth waters. But when the waters get rough, it takes a true captain to bring a ship to port.
That’s what JOSH did for me. He kept my ship afloat. Constantly informed me of what was going on, and what to expect. Never had to worry when I was going to hear from him. He’s very prompt with concerns.
My outcome.. Thanks for my freedom..

– Sean     

Criminal Defense

Great lawyer! Got my case dismissed without any punishment. Not a dismissal with an ACD but a complete dismissal!! I would definitely recommend Josh if you want to find a lawyer who will respond to your texts and take care of everything for you. Overall, just an awesome lawyer!

– Anonymous     

Great Lawyer

Josh Stevens is a very professional and respectful attorney He handled my case very will and got it dismissed will recommend to anyone looking for a good lawyer in NYC Thanks again Josh for the good work

– Luis     

Exceptional Service

Mr Stevens handled my situation professionally promptly and was always available to respond to issues or questions are they came up. Another family member had a problem and he was able to refer us to another attorney who could help us. Should you choose to utilize Mr. Stevens for your legal needs you won’t be disappointed.

– Tom     

Josh is the Best…..

I never met a lawyer so on top of things like Josh. I was confused and did not understand anything about my case and one conversation with josh; my mind was put to rest. I told him all that i knew and he was already at the court. He answered all my questions, and made me realize i was not alone. Josh would be the perfect lawyer for any case if you ask me, because he cares. It feels really good to know i have a lawyer like him on speed dial. lol
He is very straight forward and gets to the point of the problem. Not one of those steal your money and leave you clueless lawyers. He does a very great job, and i will surely use him again. (HOPE NOT)…

– Love     

smooth experience

I spoke to Jon Carney over the phone and was referred to Josh. Jon took my credit card over the phone and I met Josh at 8:45am for my 9am appearance at the court. I was a little worried not actually meeting anyone until the day of the appearance but everything Jon and Josh said over the phone turned out to be 100% accurate. Josh got me and his other client seen first and second and we were all out of there by 9:15am. He also had the ACD reduced from 12 months to 3 months, so overall highly recommended.

– J     

excellent lawyer and an awesome guy to have on your side

Josh helped me on a case just recently. I had a misdemeanor possession charge. The DA was giving me a hard time and not negotiating much which would leave me with a misdemeanor on my record. Josh worked with me financially and was able to get the charge brought down to a violation. He was always positive from the beginning and really concerned about keeping my record clean for job interviews and everything else. He checked In With me all the time and kept me informed. I really don’t think many other lawyers would have been so devoted to getting such a turnout for their client especially when the prosecutor was playing hardball. He knew exactly how to handle it and walked me through what I needed to do. Great guy to talk to and I would recommend him as the #1 lawyer to go to if your in a sticky situation. Seriously, I have had quite a few other lawyers over the years but I would use Josh again in a heartbeat.

– Patrick     

Great lawyer…got my case dismissed.

I was arrested for a bogus felony charge. At our first meeting, he told be it was bogus. He kept telling this to the DA’s office, and after they had the matter postponed several times, the charges were dismissed. Very reasonable fees; it seemed as if money didn’t matter to him in that he put my well-being first.

– Anonymous     

Excellent lawyer

My man had a very messy situation to deal with. I called Josh and he answered right away. He Went to visit my boyfriend in jail showed up on time to all his court dates and was always available on the phone . He doesn’t overcharge. He even got my boyfriends case dismissed. I recommend Josh. He is a very good lawyer and cares a lot about his clients .

– Jessie     

On point and AMAZING

Although my situation my was over 15yrs old it still was a tough one. A class B Felony drug charge with penal codes that were sure to get me charged, however Mr. Stevens handled my case with great professionalism. He was on point when it came to defending my case and informing me of the next step. Mr. Stevens made himself available to speak at any time and kept me up to date with everything, “no hidden surprises”. Very trust worthy, and gives every effort to guide you through the process. Got my charges DISMISSED by NYC prosecutors office. I’m so grateful to of have such great professional services provided by Joshua Stevens, SUPERB criminal defense lawyer. The man has got SKILLS!!

– Tracy     

A former client to a good lawyer

Josh is a very knowledgeable and noble attorney who cares about the out come of your case he treats his clients with respect not as if your just money to him.I was caught up in a situation and got caught with almost 2 ozs of cocaine in my possession i hired josh as my attorney well the out come of the case is he got me off with and A class misdemeanor with a conditional discharge for 1 yr. I would recommend josh to any one who needs and attorney if you need a great lawyer look no further josh is the man for the job

– Mark     

Extreme Professional

In 40+ years I have never been in trouble with the law. In the blink of an eye that all changed. Being arrested and charged with a DWI was so scary. Calling Joshua Stevens was the best move I made that night. He answered all my questions in full detail. Calmed all my fears, and told me he would take care of the entire situation. Joshua Stevens always went above and beyond what was expected of him. He was there at all my court appearances putting my fears at ease. Based on his talent and knowledge of the law, he not only pleaded my case down, BUT had the case DISMISSED!!!.
Although I wish you are never in this situation, but if you are- CALL Joshua Stevens at let the extreme professional handle your case.

– Johanna     

Best Lawyer in NYC

I was in a critical position where I needed a lawyer to help me fight a criminal case, first thing I did was Google the best lawyers in NYC where John Carney known as one of NYC best lawyer referred me to Josh Stevens. I was a bit worried because it wasn’t John Carney himself but a different lawyer. I met with Josh Stevens days later, I felt comfortable and trustworthy then. I gave him all the evidence I had and waited for my court date. Josh Stevens met me at court on time and reassured me that everything was going to be ok and his word was bond. THANKS JOSH STEVENS !!!

– Stephen     

Worlds’s Greatest Lawyer!! The best option if you want to win your case.

For the first time in my life, I found myself in legal trouble. Scared that I had destroyed my future, I turned to the highest rated NY attorney I could find, Joshua Stevens. I called several different attorneys but after speaking to Josh Stevens just one time I felt completely reassured and could tell that not only did he know his stuff but he was compassionate and understanding. It was never a problem to reach him and he went way further than any other attorney would. If I were to ever find myself in any type of citation needing legal advice or representation there is no one else I would call. Not only did he have my case settled and sealed, but he did it for half of what other attorneys were charging for their services. He wasn’t worried about money he was more interested in helping me out and giving me advice. I would gladly recommend him to anybody in need of legal assistance.

– Brandon     

Prompt, knowledgeable, and quick resolution of criminal charge!

I recently called on Josh Stevens and John Carney to help me with a desk appearance ticket for a possession of controlled substance charge in NYC. The time line was tight, and I had to be in court within 48 hours of my call. Both of these guys were extremely responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout this process.

I had called on a Sunday and Josh met with me in person that night. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all. He seemed to know all the right people to keep things moving quickly at court. I was there for less than an hour and got a very favorable outcome.

I would highly recommend Josh Stevens to anyone in a similar situation to mine. He’s a calming force and a good guy. Thanks again Josh!

– Marc     

5 STARS for excellence

Mr. Stevens was professional and prompt. Mr. Stevens will talk to you about your specific case and address any/all concerns with the charge(s) you may be facing. He will follow-up with you very promptly and in a professional manner. The Retainer agreement was very clear and concise. Mr. Stevens asked me what outcome, I wanted. I clearly stated exactly what I expected of this case and Mr. Stevens addressed my concerns. After several court adjournments, I was very pleased with the final result. Mr. Stevens is fair, honest, knowledgeable, and he kept me informed from the very first day. Overall, I would definitely recommend Mr. Stevens to my family and friends. Although, I wish to never be in this situation ever again. Mr. Stevens would definitely be the go to Attorney for me.

– Drew     


I was arrested for serving a minor at the bar at which I work. I appeared on my own initially, and my case was postponed due to the court not being prepared. The notice to appear for a second time did not reach me and I missed my court date, resulting in a warrant. I THOUGHT MY LIFE WAS OVER!! I was then referred to Josh by a friend, and he was able to appear and have my case dismissed within 17 hours. He is knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and AFFORDABLE! This has been the most satisfying professional relationship, albeit short lived…I recommend Josh a thousand times over for anyone that is looking for a successful outcome in their case.

– Mara     

very good attorney

Josh is very nice person and friendly as well as cool guy.he is still handling my case and so far he is good to me.he is actually works with John Carney sir who is highly experience in new York city area. according to me he is hard working guy and straight forward.about payment plan he is so flexible and he will accept credit card.i recommend this lawyer if someone looking for honest lawyer

– mohammad     

Outstanding lawyer!!!!

Josh took care of my case with little to no effort. I was charged with a 2nd degree felony on a Friday, spoke with Josh Sunday and on Tuesday morning with his work was brought down to a misdemeanor and two days community service. I recommend him to anyone with no time to spare.

– Anonymous     

Great attorney!!!

Josh is an exceptional attorney who helped get a case dismissed in which I felt I was wrongly targeted by the NYPD. He reached out to me after hearing about my situation and was very proactive about pursuing some modicum of justice. I would highly recommend using his services and expertise, coupled with the fact that he is just a flat out nice guy.

– Rashid     

Excellent Lawyer

If you are in the New York area I recommend consulting with Mr. Stevens. Shopping around for a lawyer is very important and after having interviewed several attorneys I selected Joshua Stevens, based on the professional attitude he was very relaxed and personable, also not a bad price either. This ended up being a good choice as he went above and beyond his duties in court, making connections with the district attorney and keeping me well informed while doing so. I was very nervous about my case and I can say that Mr. Stevens was reassuring and also followed through. Also he is a trustworthy individual as he is concerned with the well being of the public and keeping his views very honest. I suggest if you are looking you give this lawyer a call.

– Anonymous     

Simply an amazing attorney!!!

I had an issue with a small (so I thought) case of entering one of city parks after 1:00 AM. Unfortunately just a few days before the court date I realized that in NYC it’s not actually a simple case, since entering any city park in NYC after 1:00 AM is a misdemeanor and can destroy your future endeavors, such as getting a loan from a bank, buying a house or getting a job etc., if dealt with incorrectly.

Thanks to Josh the case was dismissed actually a few days before the court date and Josh was EXTREMELY FAST, RESPONSIVE AND WONDERFULLY COMMUNICATIVE.

The case took literally 15 min., including waiting for a judge and it was dismissed, closed and sealed with just a $10 fine.

I truly recommend Josh to anyone who wants an attorney who goes an extra mile to not only win the case, but also make you feel good and keep you informed all the way.

Thank you Josh. You are the man!

– MT     

Class D Felony Dropped!

I had a minor situation back in May, I was entirely provoked and acted out of anger without thinking. What might have been a misdemeanor, had only been recently changed to a felony, however through Mr. Stevens hard work, my case was entirely dismissed. Mr. Stevens was always there to answer a phone call, reply back to a text, and to reassure me. I was terrified, and he was there for me. I highly recommend him if you want a lawyer to look at you as a PERSON and not a paycheck. Thank you Mr. Stevens.

– Veronica     

Pragmatic and Professional attorney

Josh is an excellent attorney. Easy to talk to and doesnt beat around the bush, he had a desk appearance ticket settled without even my presence at court. If youre looking for a criminal defense attorney Josh is your man.

– Jae     

HE is an Angel

He is one of the Best attorney Anyone could ever asked for. He is Always there, if I need someone to Talk my real life experience in USA i have never seen a good person like him until now. He Helped me Through some Really Hard times.This Man is Amazing He Helped So many, and He is just an Amazing Friend/attorney. i have been dealing with him almost a year, he handle several cases for me in including family and immigration matter and still handling my criminal case where i falsely accused by someone.he dismissed my several cases last year in December where i was charged for felony.i worked with 6/7 attorneys before but Steven Joshua is completely different.In my experience most of the attorneys are greedy for money and they don’t work properly but Steven he is very generous and honest person. he is professional but not commercial. he was in the court one-time and kept me all the updated .Stevens was always there to answer a phone call, reply back to a text, an email. he is very very hardworking and knowledgeable person and he knows how to work done. one thing i have observed on him….almost everybody knows him and respect him in court place (IE: queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn).he took my all cases seriously and fought for until good outcome.

i wrote a bit big review for him but its not enough for him he is a too good person and extremely honest person he always treat me like a friend. if anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer in NYC i strongly and highly recommend you can blindly hire him.his price is very very competitive than other attorneys like almost half. I wish him a very very good life and career…..

Thanks Stevens Joshua for everyting

– sqlbi007     

Exceptional Lawyer

Joshua, is a very professional and respectful individual. Throughout every case I have given him and won, he was very detailed with me on the process of my case and handled everything. I never had to go above and beyond, he did that for me. It is very hard to find someone as caring and motivated as this individual. I highly recommend him. Without his help I dont know where I would be today.

– Dharmendra     

Josh took care of everything and was awesome!!

I got in some stupid trouble right before I moved out of NYC and back to Cali. I was put into contact with Josh a few weeks prior to moving and he took care of everything. Josh was able to make sure I didn’t have to come back to NYC. He was always in contact with me and straight forward about everything. I would recommend him to anyone!!

– Kenny     

Josh got my situation resolved with little to no effort from me.

I work all over the country, while I was staying in New York, I ran into some trouble. A friend of mine referred me to Josh and he took care of everything. He was quick and it involved little to no effort on my end. I didn’t even have to travel back to NY to appear in court. He got my small possession charge dropped with no criminal record. Now I don’t need to worry about it affecting my job.

– Richard     

Very positive experience with Josh Stevens

Josh Stevens very easily demonstrated that he is a very knowledgeable and competent lawyer. He made sure I knew what was happening as well as assisted me through a very speedy and clean process.

– Michael     

Professional Attorney

I have worked with Mr. Stevens on several different matters over the years, ie. landlord/tenant disputes, divorce and recently some criminal matter. He is professional, on time and very attentive. He always picks up the phone or returns messages, which is always impressive in the legal world. If you’re in need of legal work, Joshua Stevens is the man to call.

– Anna     

job saving result

Josh Stevens works with John Carney, who assigned Josh to my case. I had researched many lawyers and including John’s reviews. He was really good at getting public possession cases sealed in 24 hours from date of DAT. The usual time is 1 year for an ACD. If this conviction was on my record for a year, I would have not been able to get a professional license or other job. I was stupid with my public crime but Josh Stevens made so much difference in being an advocate and presence in the court room at my DAT.

– Anonymous     

Joshua Stevens, Attorney

I have worked on cases with Attorney Stevens and he consistently provides top-notch advocacy for his clients. Working on cases with him is a pleasure as he is responsive and knowledgeable to me and to his clients. Clients can be sure they will be kept aware of all developments in their cases and they can be confident in Attorney Steven’s zeal in advocating for all of his clients’ rights under the law.

– Isaac     


Attorney Stevens is the best and I would recommend him to anyone around the U.S, he is fair and up front if I ever needed him again he would be the one I call.

– Melissa     

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